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(DS) Liz Lisa Shirt :)
Originally posted by corrode_blossom at (DS) Liz Lisa Shirts! :)
Hi Girls!

I'm trying to sell this Shirt from Liz Lisa,
because I have never worn it, and I really don't want to keep it just in my closet.
Of course it's authentic Liz Lisa which I bought during my japan vacation 2010!

I'll ship worldwide, the shipping cost depend on location, weight and size
. But I'll provide the best & cheapest methode! :)

I only accept payments with paypal (+ fee's ) or bank transfer for people from Germany or EU.
I have positive Feedback on Ebay.
(please view my profil with the username : masa-chan90 )

If there are still any questions please let me know and I'll take care of it. :)

Liz Lisa Shirt which I bought in September 2010. It's freesize so it should fit up to Size M (or small L ) 35 Euro including shipping (without tracking)

Here you can see the tag's. It's still new and I worn it only one time for a few seconds!

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Hi! How much would shipping to US 02139 be for the second shirt (the pink floral one)?

Shipping to US is 3,45 EUR as International Letter. (without tracking) With tracking it's 7,56 EUR.


Okay, I'll take the shirt with the cheaper shipping! Should I send the Paypal payment right to you or would you rather invoice me for it? :)

Please send the payment right to me, including Paypal fee it is 24,86 EUR - My address is :

Received, thanks. Will ship it out on Monday. :)

Hello again! I was just wondering if you have sent out the shirt, and also about how long I should expect it to take to get to my place. Thank you! :)


yes, it's on his way. And it should arrive at your place within 14 days, thanks a lot! :

I just wanted to let you know that the shirt arrived today - it's so cute! Is there anywhere you'd like me to leave you some positive feedback? :)

Hey Ho
ich würde das letzte Shirt echt gern haben, würdest du mir deine Paypaladresse geben, wenn es noch vorhanden ist?

you have the other 2 liz lisa item for sale? :3 i only see one.. or maybe im reading it wrong.. ehehe~

is this still avaiable?


yeah it's still available :)

is it long or short slaves?

It's short sleeves , but if you meant sleaves- I'm very tall and it nearly reaches my butt maybe a smaller girl can also wear it as mini skirt :)

well not exactly short, it goes to the elbow :)

I see! let me think about this because I was searching for a long slave tshirt and I don't think I'll have a lot of chance to wear one like this!>.

Well actually it is pretty long for a t-shirt .. it's nearly as long as a long sleeve just a few cm shorter :)

Can you give me the lenght of the sleeve?

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